Our Story

Erin's foray into soapmaking began in 2008 out of a minor inconvenience, when she ran out of dish soap and decided to learn how to make it herself. While she never actually made the dish soap that first day, she had found something that sparked both her creative mind as well as her love for science.

From that day forward she immersed herself into the world of soap and bath and body products. In 2009, she enrolled in esthetician school in NYC so she could better understand different skin types in order to make her formulations even more customized for various needs.

With the help of her husband and business partner, Dan, she was able to be the creative arm of Soapsmiths, while Dan landed them some larger wholesale clients like the Brooklyn Brewery and Magic Hat. Beer soap easily became a niche that they both enjoyed and before they knew it, their products were being featured on Good Morning America and written about all over the world.​

After nearly a decade of traveling the pair decided to return to their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. They found a home that suited their personal and production needs, they began rebuilding their operation from the ground up with a focus on large scale production.

Now back online and fully operational, the couple plan to pick up where they left off and even have a few new surprises in store for local regional markets.

Clean & Green

​​​We are serious about being green. Our shrinkwrap is biodegradable, our plastic containers are PCR plastic (post consumer recycled) and also able to be re-recycled through most local programs. Erin spends countless hours researching eco-friendly packaging that aligns with our responsibility to have the smallest carbon footprint possible.

As new and better ways to package our products become available, we will change with the times. We want you to feel good about using our products and our ultimate goal is to have either fully compostable packaging or no packaging, whenever possible. We would rather invest in better base ingredients than spend your money on fancy wrappers.

In addition to eco conscious packaging, this summer we introduced shampoo bars which eliminate the need for 3-5 plastic bottles each! An easy way for anyone to make a real difference and something we just had to include in our new line. (Conditioner bars are currently being formulated.)

In a final effort to reduce waste and effect upon the environment, we are working very hard to get into multiple retail spots. Now you'll be able to find us in places you already shop! No more waiting for your goodies to arrive in the mail and no extra packaging waste to throw out. Remember, if there's somewhere you would like to see us, just drop us a line and we'll take care of the rest.

As always, we appreciate you and would be nothing without our faithful "tribe".

~Bubble on my friends!

Your Eco Lovin' Soapsmiths

Erin Calig

Owner & Product Formulator

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