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argan oil ingredient

Argan oil is something that has seemed to hit the mainstream over the past few years. I see it in the drugstore frequently in the hair care aisle. 

Argan oil comes from the Argania spinosa tree which is a slow growing tree native to Morocco and the oil itself is extracted from the seed of the plant. It is a labor intensive process which is typically done by the women who are native to that area. 

Typically referred to as "liquid gold" in europe, this oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other vital nutrients. In hair care products, it helps to smooth frizz and split ends as well as provide softness. In skin care products, it nourishes, protects elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can help to nourish dry, brittle nails. I also saw recommendations to use this to help diminish scars (due to the high vitamin E content.)

Due to the cost of this oil I would not use it in a wash off product such as soap. I have used it on my hair and like it very much as a leave in oil. To give a rough example of price difference I went to one of my vendor sites and compared the cost of Argan and Extra Virgin Olive (EVOO) oils. 1lb of EVOO is $4.99 while 1lb of Argan is $21.99- WHEW! Big difference. 

So, yes, argan oil is absolutely lovely and has many fantastic benefits to the skin, hair and nails. However I think it is better utilized in leave on products where it can really work it's magic.

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