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The first E-Book is finished!

e-book education how-to soapmaking

Well I finally did it! I wrote a soap making book. I have been wanting to start writing books related to bath and body product making for awhile and I am really pleased with the final result. I went through and detailed out all the big important parts that every beginner should know such as safety, equipment, supplies and provided a couple of basic recipes that can easily be made using oils and fats found at a local grocery store. I also included other information that I wish I had known as a beginner (you don't NEED to have every single supply offered by soap making supply vendors to succeed, for instance!) 


There is also some neat bonus information that go into a little bit of detail about additives including color, fragrance, special liquids to use like milks and beer and then an extensive troubleshooting section as well as references and resources (and a first timers shopping list too!)

This project was a labor of love and really sparked a creative part of my mind that I completely enjoyed. I plan to write and publish many more in the coming years because it gives me great joy to watch and encourage other novice makers to succeed in what I find to be a fascinating industry. 

To purchase this book you can click here.

It's truly been a pleasure to research and write both this blog and this first e-book, I look forward to being able to share more in the future.

~Your Soapsmith


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