A Walk in the Woods Soap
A Walk in the Woods Soap

A Walk in the Woods

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This is one of Erin (our product formulator's) favorites. It is reminiscent of walking through a pine forest after a freshly fallen snow. It's pine-y and refreshing at the same time. We think you might just love it!

This formulation has been tweaked slightly to include menthol crystals so please note this will lend to a refreshing and cooling sensation to sensitive areas and skin.

This is also a limited run and since it was just unmolded it will not be ready until December 21 for use, but we wanted to include it in our holiday sales!

Made with saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm kernel and castor. Also contains pine, fir and eucalyptus essential oils, sodium lactate, menthol crystals and mica colorant. Net Wt. 3.7oz

Edit to add: We had a great question about the difference of a soap being available versus being available "for use". Handmade soap, like fine wine, needs time to cure. There are two major phases to handmade soap after it has been made into a bar.

First there is saponification, this is the part when the sodium hydroxide and the oils and other ingredients come together to make soap, saponification generally lasts between 24-72 hours total depending on the formula and a few other factors. Once saponification is complete there should be no sodium hydroxide left in the bar as it has reacted with the oils.

Next is the cure, and we don't mean the band. This is the time that the soap sits on our curing racks, the excess water evaporates and crystals form within the bar making it a hard, longer lasting and sometimes even a bit milder. This can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 1 year depending on the formula, we typically do a minimum of 4 weeks but some soaps are with us longer and that is just more cure time for them really.

So is this soap safe to use before that date? YES! But it may melt away faster making you a bit sad so we recommend waiting at least until that date for maximum enjoyment.

As always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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